Liuli Artistic Instrument Luxury Collectibles

LIUCHANG was founded in 2016 with the mission of visualizing the aesthetics of Oriental music. By uniting leading experts in the field of Chinese art, arts and culture luxury brand—LIUCHANG—was engendered.

By using liuli, an art form that richly embodies Eastern culture, as a medium and incorporating the exquisite lutherie craftsmanship used to make classical instruments, LIUCHANG creates one-of-a-kind liuli musical instrument collectible artworks. Liuli craftsmanship and musical art contain elements of cultural heritage that have accumulated over thousands of years and have given rise to this modern cross-disciplinary art. This not only imbues instruments with a high artistic merit on top of their unique musical qualities, but also infuses the static art of liuli with a new aesthetic symbol, enabling Eastern arts and cultures to spread across the globe in new and exciting forms.

As a pioneer in the art of liuli instruments, LIUCHANG not only focuses on the development of liuli instrument art but has also extended its scope of business into realms such as art consultancy, art agency, exhibitions and shows of arts and cultures, content copyrights, and the infusion of aesthetics into everyday life.

Characterized by the spirit of creating top-class fine art with meticulous craftsmanship, LIUCHANG continues to inject new life and values into culture and music-related art. The company consistently introduces exquisite works of art while promoting Eastern arts and culture around the globe, unveiling to the world the beauty of Eastern arts and culture.